Talking with Your Pharmacist or Doctor

The following are some questions that your doctor or pharmacist may ask you if you seek treatment for a vaginal yeast infection. Be prepared to share this information—even if it’s not asked of you directly. The more information you can give to your healthcare providers, the better equipped they will be to treat you effectively.

Your Symptoms

  • Are you experiencing itching or burning surrounding the vagina?
  • Is there redness or swelling in the vaginal area?
  • Is sexual intercourse painful?
  • Do you have vaginal discharge?
    • If so, what color is the discharge?
    • What is the texture?
    • Does it have an odor?

Your History of Infections

  • Is this your first yeast infection?
  • If you’ve had yeast infections before, when was the last one?
    • What have you used in the past to treat your yeast infections?
    • How quickly did your symptoms resolve in the past?
    • Are your current symptoms similar to what you’ve experienced in the past?

Your Medical History

  • What other medications are you taking?
  • Have you had a history of an unusual pap smear?

Sexual History

  • What is your history of sexual partners?
  • Do you practice safe sex?


  • Are you pregnant or breastfeeding now?
  • Do you have any current or future plans for pregnancy?

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